Nand Kishore Acharya

Nand Kishore Acharya is rightly considered as one of of the famous people of Bikaner. He is a much acclaimed writer who was born on 31st August, in the year 1945. Born in a traditional family of Bikaner, Dr. Nand Kishore Acharya has carved a niche for himself in the world of literature.

' Writer, Nand Kishore Acharya began his career as an author, very early in life. The first work was an analytical work on the writings of Ajneya, a renowned writer of India. He was noticed from his very first work in the field of literature.

The plays, criticism of poems, articles on contemporary issues and education analyzed and written by Dr. Nand Kishore, with much thought, opened up a new dimension of the Hindi literature. He is a writer of excellent talent and has strong command on almost all genres of creative writing.

One can get the true essence of the royal air of Rajasthan through the poems of Nand Kishore Acharya . Dr. Acharya has succeeded so well in portraying the havelis, forts, casements and desert in his poetry, that, Ajneya entitled him as the unique poet of the beauty of the desert.

With his clear vision and originality of expression, Nand Kishore Acharya of Bikaner has earned great respect from all readers and even from his contemporary authors and critics. His writing delves deep into the grey, unscathed and unrevealed regions of legends, myths and history. This great writer has been able to redefine sensibilities of the humankind.

Last Updated on 19 December 2011