Chittaurgarh Fort

Chittourgarh Fort is situated on top of a hill, which is 180 meter high. This fort is one of the most popular Chittaurgarh tourist destinations. The palaces inside the Chittorgarh Fort, which are known for their rich architecture, are Rana Kumbha Palace, Tower of Victory and Fateh Prakash Palace. The fort of Chittorgarh was built by the Rajputs. It stands high and is a majestic structure that dots the city.

The places of attraction within the premises of the fort are the towers of Vijay Stambh and Kirti Stambh. The fort is surrounded by temples and exotic gardens. There is a huge Jain temple complex built between the 9th and 17th Centuries. The Kirti Stambh has 54 stairs. It is a seven-storey structure, which was built around 12th century A.D. The base of the structure is 30 feet and tapers down to 15 feet. The facade of this Stambh is marked with many Jain sculptures. This temple was built in the honor of a spiritual preacher named Adinath.

Another structure that is worth noticing is the Vijay Stambh. It is a colossal structure and can be viewed from any part of the city. It took 10 years to complete this grand structure. This structure was built during the 15th Century A.D by Rana Kumbha. Thousands of tourists visit this imperial fort every year. Chittaurgarh Fort is open for public viewing throughout the day.

Last Updated on : September 13, 2013