Jaimal and Patta Palaces

Jaimal and Patta Palaces are situated on a rocky surface that rises from the southern side of the Gomukh kund. The Jaimal and Patta Palaces have a rich history to tell.

The Palaces of Jaimal and Patta belonged to Rathore Jaimal and Sisodia Patta. These were the two brave men who defended their fort during the time when the Mughals attacked this fort. These palaces were the last to be built within the premises of the Chittorgarh Fort. They were built in a simple style in comparison to other forts and palaces of the area. Efforts are being taken by the tourism department of Chittaurgarh to protect the fort as a large part of it lies in ruins.

It is one of the most prominent tourist attractions that dot the city of Chittaurgarh.

Last Updated on : September 13, 2011