History of Chittaurgarh

The history of Chittaurgarh tells stories of valiant battles, Rajput heroism, unparalleled women courage and more. The town of Chittorgarh has witnessed many attempts of seizures and raids in its many years of eventful history.

One of the fiercest attacks faced by Chittaurgarh was in the beginning of the 14th century. Besotted by Rani Padmini's enchanting beauty, Allaudin Khilji wanted her by any means. In his madness to acquire her, Allaudin attacked Chittorgarh. Padmini's husband, Maharajah Ratan Singh, and his men fought valiantly but they were eventually defeated and killed by Khilji. However, Allaudin's attempt remained unsuccessful as the womenfolk of the Chittaurgarh Fort, including Rani Padmini, committed Jauhar, that is, self-immolation.

Chittaurgarh was again attacked during Maharajah Bikramjeet's reign in the mid 16th century. The Sultan of Gujarat, Bahadur Shah, defeated the Rajputs but history was revisited as Rani Karnavati led the womenfolk to Jauhar. Her son Udai Singh, an infant at that time was shifted to Bundi and later on he became the ruler of Bundi and Chittorgarh.

The great Mughal emperor Akbar captured Chittorgarh in 1567 without any resistance from Udai Singh who fled the area to build a new city, Udaipur. However the Rajputs under the leadership of two teenagers, Patta and Jaimal, fought with all their might but were killed at the end. Akbar's men looted and devastated the Chittaurgarh Fort and today the ruins of the fort remind us of the rich history of the place.

Last Updated on 9/13/2011