Delhi Airport

Indira Gandhi International Airport is an international gateway whereas the Palam Airport provides the domestic connection. Delhi airport has two terminals, Terminal 1 is domestic and Terminal 2 is international. The Domestic terminal is further subdivided into 2 sub terminals namely Terminal 1A, Terminal 1B and Domestic Arrival Terminal.

The national Indian Airlines' domestic flights and flights of Alliance Air fly from terminal 1A whereas private airlines namely Air Sahara, Air Deccan, Jet Airways etc and other other private aircrafts take off from terminal 1B. The distance from 1A to 1 B is about 8 km. It is 5 km away from the terminal 2, the Indira Gandhi International Airport or the terminal 2.

About 35 airlines take off at regular interval to major cities across the globe from Indira Gandhi International Airport, terminal 2. Some of the important airlines that take off from international airports are Air India,Air Sahara, American Airlines, Asian Airlines,British Airways, Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Emirates, Indian Airlines, Kuwait Airways to name a few. Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi topped the list of the busiest airports of South Asia for recording the traffic of about 8.5 million passengers in 2005-2006.

Safdarjung Airport is the oldest airport in New Delhi now used for general aviation purpose. It acted as the main airport of the Capital before Indira Gandhi International Airport was constructed.

International Airport

Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi (IGIA) is an important gateway to India for overseas travellers, which link up the entire world with North India. In the International Terminal or the Terminal II of Indira Gandhi International Airport there are 35 international airlines flying at regular intervals around the major cities of the Globe. Terminal 2 of the Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi was introduced on 2 May 1986. Terminal 1 is the old Palam airport, which is now used purely for Domestic operations.

The total capacity of Indira Gandhi International Airport is 12.5 million passengers per annum. The year 2005-2006 recorded the traffic of 16.2 million passengers per annum making it the busiest airport of South Asia. Indira Gandhi International Airport is noted for its two non-parallel runways. The main runway is 12,500 ft and the auxiliary runway is 9,229 ft. The main runway of the Delhi airport is a unique runway of India that is furnished with "CAT III-B Instrument Landing System".

Indira Gandhi International Airport is the hub of several Indian and International Airlines linking the Capital city with the rest of the World. Here of the names of few international carriages operating from the capital:

Indira Gandhi International Airport provides its passengers with a number of facilities. The Delhi airport has Left Luggage Facility, Banking / Money Exchange Service, Baggage Wrapping Service, STD / ISD Booths, Infant Lobby, Duty Free Shops, Automatic Flight Information System, 24 hour pharmacy, Railway Reservation Counter, Duty Free Shops and snacks bars and more.

Domestic Airports

Located at the south western corner of Delhi, the Indira Gandhi International Airport is the major domestic as well as international gateway to India for overseas visitors. Named after our former prime minister of India, Indira Gandhi, was previously known as Palam Airport. Presently Palam Airport serves as the Domestic airport and is the Terminal No. 1 of the the Indira Gandhi International Airport. Only 5 km away is Terminal 2 the international wing of the Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi.

The Domestic Airport or Terminal 1 is sub divided into Terminal 1A, Terminal 1B and Domestic Arrival Terminal. Some major Indian airlines that operate from the Domestic airports of Delhi are as follows:


The Terminal 1 serves as a destination for private airlines like Kingfisher Airlines, Paramount Airways, Jagson Airlines, Air Deccan and Go Air. The domestic carriers stationed in Terminal 1 link the capital city with the rest of

The Indira Gandhi International Airport provide air-conditioned coach connecting the domestic and international terminals hourly in the day time and every half hour at night. There are provisions for refreshments and meals in the snack bars and restaurants situated at the arrivals and departures points of the terminals. A post office, postboxes and 24-hour medical units are available in both terminals. Banks and money exchange facilities are available at specific hour of the day from the Domestic Terminal. Transport facilities like per paid taxis, post paid taxis, auto rickshaws and buses are frequently available from the Terminals. Delhi Transport Corporation and EATS operates coaches from the International Terminal via Domestic Terminal on a 24-hours basis. The airport terminals have systematic car parking facilities to easy moving for the travellers.And auto repairs are also easily available.

The details of incoming and outgoing flights operating from the Domestic Terminal are:

Terminal 1A

Indian (Agartala, Agra, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bhubaneshwar, Chennai, Chandigarh, Goa, Hyderabad, Jodhpur, Kolkata, Mumbai, Raipur and all major Indian cities)

Alliance Air (Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Vadodara)

Terminal 1B

  • Air Sahara (Bangalore, Chennai, Guwahati, Kolkata, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Patna, Ranchi)
  • Air Deccan (All major state capitals)
  • Jet Airways (All major state capitals)
  • Spicejet (Chennai, Delhi, Goa, Ahmadabad,Kolkata)
  • Paramount (Chennai, Coimbatore)
  • Go Air (Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Puna)
  • Kingfisher Airlines (All major metros)
International terminal or Terminal 2 of Indira Gandhi International Airport is only 5 km away. The details of incoming and outgoing flights operating from the International Terminals are:


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