Kanpur Agricultural Gardens

The Agricultural Gardens are situated in the Nawab Ganj area of Kanpur city of Uttar Pradesh. A Variety of botanical species are cultivated here with utmost care.
The garden is beautifully decorated and landscaped with shady bowers and colorful flowers making it a serene tranquil sanctuary.

Kanpur Agricultural Gardens are loved by all. The trees bear plates on which their scientific names and relevant details are written and the botanical garden houses some of the endangered varieties which need sophisticated maintenance. The city experiences scorching summers with low humidity and hot winds which are unfavorable for the plants growth. Thus, the plants need to be constantly monitored to avoid damage.

The Kanpur Chapter of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Kanpur) was also started in a room in the Canteen Building of the Harcourt Butler Technological Institute at the Agricultural Gardens in December 1959.

Last Updated on 17 September 2012