Green Park Stadium

The Green Park stadium established in 1945, is located near the Civil Lines in Kanpur. It has been an international stadium and had been host to Cricket Test matches and One Day Internationals regularly.

The multi-purpose stadium formerly known as Modi Stadium is situated close to the river Ganges and has a capacity of 39,255 spectators. International milestone in Green Park Stadium includes a test total of 676 by India against Sri Lanka in the 1986-87 season.

In 2006 ICC ordered the stadium to be removed from the list of international venues. The decision was largely due to the stadium being plagued by low-class maintenance and poor management. Lifeless pitch due to the nature of Kanpur soil, low rarely used floodlights, poor visibility due to pollution and, mostly uncovered seating arrangements were the reasons why Green Park Stadium quickly lost its international status.

Efforts are in progress to renovate Green Park Stadium and help it regain its former glory. Accordingly, four 50m fixed masts have been installed for floodlights. Other steps are also in effect so that Kanpur can again be host to international matches in its very own Green Park Stadium.

Last Updated on 11 September 2012