Kamla Retreat

Kanpur, renown for its industrial enterprises and eminent role in India's riotous struggle for independence abounds in natural splendor. Strategically located near the Kanpur's Agricultural College and the Allen Forest Zoo, the romantic paradise of Kamla Retreat deserves special mention.

Kanpur's pride lies in its exotic Kamla Retreat, under the proprietary control of the Singhania family. Situated on Kanpur's Kamala Nehru Road, the beautiful estate houses a museum boasting of several archeological relics and artifacts that date back to antiquity.

The property comprises of rambling luxuriant parks and lawns, which are dotted with meandering canals with provisions of a boating spree. The retreat also has a lavish swimming pool with hi-tech facilities for producing artificial waves. The pool looks magnificent at night when it is illuminated by bright psychedelic lights.

Kamala Retreat endeavors to ensure that visitors have a complete and unforgettable trip. The estate possesses its own private zoo, depicting Kanpur's lush foliage and abundant animals. The zoo houses several species of animals, reptiles as well as birds dappled in multicolored hues. Thus visitors need have to cross over to visit the Allen Forest Zoo in its vicinity.

The estate sprawls across several acres of lush greenery and is the city's jewel in the crown. Tourists and visitors can have a merry time picnicking, frolicking and relaxing in leisure. A very popular tourist spot, Kamla Retreat is thus swarming with tourists and their families.

However tourists and visitors have to acquire prior permission before they allowed entry. But Kamala Retreat with its platter of exotic offerings creates an irresistible temptation so that tourists eagerly obtain this special permit. The resort is very strict and severely penalizes trespassers.

For further information on Kamla Retreat or for permits, the interested reader can contact:
  • Deputy General Manager (Administration),
    Kamla Tower,
    Uttar Pradesh
    Phone: 311478 & 311479.

Last Updated on 11 September 2012