Brijendra Swaroop Park

Brijendra Swaroop Park is one of the biggest grounds in Kanpur. Situated in Aryanagar area of Kanpur,Uttar Pradesh the ground is dotted with green trees.

It serves as the preferred location for most of the public mass gatherings in Kanpur. Perfect for exhibitions, fairs, camps and matches, the ground is always in demand.

The Brijendra Swaroop Park is located in a very busy place of the city. It is surrounded by clubs, housing estates, resorts and the like which means it is used by many, though the nature of use might differ. The spacious lawns are favored by the children and adults alike for matches and games. Holidays here invariably means numerous small play groups of different ages sharing the entire field. For the health conscious it's a place for morning and evening walks in fresh air. Periodically, the Brijendra Swaroop Park is also occupied by fairs like the Handloom Melas, which attract hordes of people from near and far alike.

Last Updated on 11 September 2012