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About Kanpur

Kanpur is a city in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It is also popular to be an industrial center for leather and textile goods. It is believed that, Kanpur was founded by the Hindu King Chandel of Sachendi and derived its name from Lord Krishna's land i.e. Kanhiyapur and later it got abbreviated to Kanpur.

Official Website kanpurnagar.nic.in/
Area 403.70 km2
Population (2011) 2,765348
Males 1489062
Females 1276286
Average Literacy 79.65 percent

Geography of Kanpur

District Kanpur is situated in the north-western part of the Kanpur division. It has two chief rivers; Ganga and Yamuna. The district covers an area of 3005 sq km. It is one of the largest and the most populous city of Uttar Pradesh. As per the 2011 census, the city had a population of 2,765,348 with a density of 1366 people per sq km.

Society and Culture

Kanpur is culturally rich. The city is home to a lot of eminent poets who played a big role in promoting their culture. There are a lot of fair and festival which is celebrated in the city such as Sonepur Mela which is also known as cattle fair, Kite festival, as the name suggest this occasion is celebrated by multi-coloured kites, Chatth Puja which is a major festival in Bihar. People in Patna lives a really simple lifestyle. And the population comprises different sects of people who migrated and settled here.


Traditional food plays a big part in understanding a culture. And since Kanpur is a colonized city, it has a blend in its cuisine. Some of the popular cuisines here are Sultani Dal of Kanpur, Shami Kebabs, Biryanis, Kheer, Imarti to name a few.

Where is Kanpur?

Kanpur, the largest city of Uttar Pradesh is situated at 26° 27' 39" N and 80° 20' 00" E. Covering an area of 1642.0000 sq. km., this is the ninth densely populated city of the Indian Republic.

What is Kanpur famous for?

The city of Kanpur is famous as one of the major industrial belt of India. Besides, textile and leather industries, the place houses industries like engineering, fertilizer, two wheelers, chemicals, pan masala, soaps and many more.

Tourist Attractions in Kanpur

Besides being the industrial hub of the country, Kanpur has got numerous historical places as well as natural parks, which attracts tourists from all over the nation. Names of some of the historical places in Kanpur, which are worth visiting, are as follows:

  • Anandeshwar Temple
  • Baradevi Temple
  • Bhitargaon Temple
  • Bithoor
  • ISKON Temple
  • J K Temple
  • Kherepati Temple
  • Kanpur Memorial Church
  • Habiba Masjid
  • Jama-ul-ulum Masjid
  • Gora Kabristan
Besides these, the place of Kanpur has even got some of the natural places to visit for nature lovers. These places include:

  • Allen Forest Zoo
  • Company Bagh
  • Jungle Water Park
  • Kidwai Nagar Park
  • Mahatma Gandhi Park
  • Nanarao Park
  • Phool Bagh
Apart from the above mentioned places, one can even spend a nice evening by the sacred river Ganges or in Moti Jheel.

Places to shop in Kanpur

This industrial city of Kanpur has got a number of shopping areas, which are the ideal destination for people, who love to shop till they drop. Shopping in Kanpur can be done from the following famous places:

  • A2Z Shopping Mall
  • Mega Mall
  • Ceramic Mall
  • SouthX Mall
  • Z Square Mall

  • How to reach Kanpur

    Being the 10th ranking industrial region of India, Kanpur is well-connected to all the major cities of India through road, rail and airways. The nearest bus stop to the city of Kanpur is Jhakarkati Bus Station. If you are planning to reach Kanpur by train, then you have to get down at Kanpur Central, its main and largest railway station. Its two domestic airports, IIT Kanpur Airport and Kanpur Civil Airport, serve the civilians of Kanpur as well as travelers to the place.

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