Dwarka Dhish Temple

The Dwarka Dhish Temple in Kanpur City of Uttar Pradesh is devoted to Lord Krishna. It lies adjacent to the Kamla Tower of Kanpur. The term 'Dwarka Dhish' in itself means the 'King of Dwarka'.

Dwarka was the adopted home and kingdom of Lord Krishna, the eighth incarnation (avatar) of Lord Vishnu, from which he derives the name. The Dwarka Dhish temple in Kanpur is auspicious for the common mass and everyday worshipped with elaborate rituals. Arti is performed every day during the Puja or worship.

Jhoola Festival or Swing Festival during the sacred month of Sravana is celebrated with huge pomp and witnesses mass gathering in the Dwarka Dhish Temple. The idol is adorned with new clothes, jewels and flowers. The jhoola, dola, hindola or swing is an inherent motif of Indian culture. Its to and fro motion is symbolically considered to represent a state of joy and a flight away from the worries of the world and freedom from earthly attachments. The legendary deities of Radha and Krishna in particular, are often portrayed sitting on a beautifully ornate swing during the Spring Festival. In an act of veneration this is supposed to bring elation, rupture and identification with divinity. Distributions of sweet meat or Prasad to the devotees mark the end to the colorful festival.

Last Updated on 11 September 2012