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Meerut Map
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Meerut is a city in Uttar Pradesh in India. It is an ancient city with a history that dates back to the Indus Valley Civilisation. It is believed that the city was founded by Ravana's father-in-law Mayasura after whom the city was named. Meerut is situated at a distance of 70 km from Delhi and is the second largest city (after Delhi) in the National Capital Region of the country. Meerut covers an area of approximately 2,500 sq. km. It is located between the plains of two prominent rivers - Ganga and Yamuna. The city of Meerut has a population of about 1.3 million as per Census 2011. The sex ratio in the city is 899 per 1000 males and the literacy rate stands at 78.29%.

In 1803, the British East India Company established Meerut Cantonment after the battle of Laswari. Meerut Cantonment is the second largest cantonment in the country in terms of area and population. It was in the Meerut Cantonment where the Revolt of 1857 started. The Indian soldiers took refuge here and actively fought the battle.

The city is easily reachable through airways, railways and roadways. The nearest airport to the city is the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi. It is well-connected to major neighbouring cities like Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida, Haridwar and many other. Three National Highways; namely, NH-58, Nh-119 and NH-235 pass through the city. There are four railway stations in Meerut that connect it to rest of the country. It is one of the important industrial hubs in western Uttar Pradesh and comprises many micro, small and medium scale industries. Traditionally, it was known for handlooms and scissors industry. In the 19th century, it was a major centre for commercial publishing in India. It is the largest manufacturer of musical instruments and is also known for manufacturing of sports goods, gold designs and pharmaceuticals. Some facts about Meerut:
  • Meerut is the 16th largest metropolitan area city in India.
  • It is the 14th fastest developing city of the country.
  • The first revolt for independence of India, the Revolt of 1857, was initiated in Meerut.
  • The city is the largest supplier of sports good in India.
  • In western Uttar Pradesh, it is the Education Hub as it has many renowned educational institutions.

Distance to Meerut
  • From Delhi - 65 KM
  • From Gurgaon - 95 KM
  • From Ghaziabad - 46 KM
  • From Patna - 960 KM
  • From Lucknow - 451 KM
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Last Updated on : July 6, 2015

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