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Map of Gokul
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*Map Showing location of hospitals, hotels, major roads, railway network and other travel destinations of Gokul, Uttar Pradesh Disclaimer

Gokul is a renowned religious destination in India for Hindu pilgrims. It is a town and nagar panchayat in Uttar Pradesh. It is known as a place where baby Lord Krishna was raised secretly in the abode of Yashoda, his foster mother. The area has plenty of chronological and spiritual significance.

There is a myth that Vasudeva, Lord Krishna's father, confidentially swapped his son with the baby daughter of Yashoda and Nanda for protecting him from a nearly impending death to be caused by Kansa, the maternal uncle of Krishna. The place is famous for the infancy and adolescent periods in the life of Lord Krishna.

Gokul is famous for its Krishna temples, which include the Raja Thakur Temple, Gokulnath Temple, Morwala Temple, and Gopal Lalji Temple. The principal festivals observed in this place are the Annakut Festival, Bhadaon Janmotsav, and the Trinavat Mela observed on the 4th day of the half of Kartik.

The place is also known for the death of Putana, a demon, in the hands of Lord Krishna.

How to reach Gokul

The distance of Gokul is about 15 km from Mathura. Gokul lies to the southeast of Mathura district. You can avail a tourist service bus or hire a taxi to reach the place. Taxis and buses are available from all the important cities in Uttar Pradesh to arrive at the place. The distance from Agra is 50 Km, which houses the closest airport and major rail junction.

Travel Destinations of Gokul

Gokul is mostly famous for the following tourist destinations:

The Mud Temple

The temple is located to the back of the hill spot where Lord Krishna is believed to have slain the demons.

Chaurasi Khamba

It has 84 pillars and is also named as Nand Maharaja's residence. All the holy locations in this area are associated with a number of myths.

Brahmand Ghat

It is the area where Yashoda is believed to have seen the whole cosmos in the mouth of Krishna at the time of rebuking him for eating clay.


This is the spot where Yashoda is assumed to have fastened Lord Krishna to a mortar and pestle as a chastisement for smashing a vessel and pinching butter.

Other tourist destinations in and around Gokul are as follows:
  • Bharatpur Darwaza
  • Tilak Dwar
  • Nakkarkhana Gate
  • Agra Gate
  • Ankh Micholi
  • Mint Palace
  • Mariam Palace Golden Mahal
  • Panch Mahal
  • Lal Darwaza
  • Kans Qila
  • Noubat Khana Gate
  • Baradari
  • Tarki Sultala Shish Mahal
  • Pachsi Choupar
  • Jodha Mahal
  • Khwab Gah
The three oldest places of worship in the area are devoted to Madan Mohan, Gokulnath, and Vithalnath and all of them were supposedly constructed in the 16th century. The most popular temple among them is the Gokulnath temple.

Hotels in Gokul

Some of the hotels located near the place are the following:
  • Hotel Goverdhan Palace
  • Gaurav Hotel
  • Hotel Abhinandan
  • Best Western Radha Ashok
  • Udai Vilas Palace
  • Hotel Sheetal Regency
  • The Bagh
  • Wingston Hotel
  • Hotel East Lite
  • Rahi Tourist Bungalow
  • Rahi Gulistan Tourist Complex
  • Hotel Moti Palace
  • Country Inn Kosi
  • Hotel Brijwasi Royal
Gokul is specifically known for the unique approach of observations of carnivals such as Annakut, Janmashtmi, and Trinvat Mela. Raman Reti is an area where devotees turn over the sand to request the benedictions of Lord Krishna. It is also famous for being the seat of Ballabhacharya, a descendant of the Bhakti campaign in the 16th century.

Last Updated on 18 August 2011

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