Margao- Benaulim Beach

Margao - Benaulim Beach is one of the popular tours from Margao. The beach is situated by the end of the famous Colva Beach. It lies at a distance of 7 kilometers from the city of Margao. Uninhabited by people, the Benaulim Beach still retains a transcendental virgin and pristine beauty.

The tourists may travel in the buses and the hired cars from Margao to Benaulim Beach. Regular buses ply between the city of Margao and the beach.

Church of St John the Baptist is one of the premier tourist attractions of the Benaulim Beach. The church is situated atop the hill. Feast of St John the Baptist (Sao Joao) is celebrated at the onset of the monsoon in the region. The festivities include the act of young men jumping into the wells. This act commemorates the movement of the child St John in his mother's womb before birth.

The small fishing community of the region has set up their residence in the village near the beach. Rice farming is another important occupation of the people of the village. The paddy fields stretch for long distances and are bordered with the palm groves.

Accommodation is provided in the guest houses found in the village of the region. The resorts lie in the interiors of the village.

A handful of shacks along the Benaulim Beach serve some of the most delectable Goan delicacies. Itinerant masseurs, hawkers and fruit sellers also set up their stalls in the beach.

The tourists bask in the tranquility and serenity that lays in abundance in the Benaulim Beach.

Last Updated on 20 September 2011