Margao-Candolim Beach

Margao-Candolim Beach is known for its calm, cool and serene atmosphere. The beach is located in the northern region of Goa state. This beach is part of the western coastline of Goa. It is one of the most exotic beaches in the state of Goa. The beach starts from the Fort Aguada and continues as Singuerim beach and then as Candolim beach. Candolim Beach in Margao is an elongated beach that is full of scrubby sandbanks. It is a very popular beach amongst the tourists. This beach is a paradise for nature lovers.

Round this beach there are several beach hotels, inns and resorts which provide excellent accommodation to their guests. The beach is not a very crowded one. If people are looking for solitude and peacefulness this beach can surely be explored. It is one of the best retreats from the hustle and bustle of city life. Many shops and small stores are situated alongside the beach, which sells good food and a wide plethora of goods.

Candolim was actually the place where Abbe Faria was born. Abbe Faria also known as the Father of Hypnotism was one of the most eminent freedom fighters who hailed from Goa. One of the most popular tourist spots in this beach is the Fort of Aguda.

Many beach activities take place all round the year. Tourists can enjoy a wide array of water sports in the blue and serene waters. The water sports that the tourists primarily engage in are snorkeling, water-skiing and para sailing. It is one of the favorite tourists attractions of Goa.

Last Updated on 20 September 2011