Margao - Palolem Beach

Margao - Palolem Beach is one of the popular tours conducted from the city of Margao. Beach is located at a distance of 37 kilometers from the city of Margao. The beach is a part of the district of South Goa. The crescent shape of the beach along with its scintillating beauty lures the tourists from distant places to visit the region.

The shimmering sands of the beach are bordered by the shady palm trees. The western ghats form a scenic beauty in the background. A small islet lies in the middle of the fresh water stream that borders the northern fringe of the beach. Strong swimmers swim across the waters to the island during low tide.

The primary attractions of the region are the Chaudi and the Agonda. The tourists may also conduct the cruise to the center of the sea to watch the dolphins. Tourists may also indulge in fishing expeditions.

Accommodation in Palolem Beach is provided in the budget hotels and guest houses that lie in close proximity of the beach. Adventure seekers may also set up tents along the beach.

The restaurants and the food stalls along the beach offer the tourists a plethora of delectable delicacies. The bars situated along the beach also have a good collection of spirits for the tourists to enjoy.

Palolem Beach remained a virgin and undisturbed beach for a long time till its natural beauty started attracting tourists from distant places. The region is emerging as one of the premier tourists spots in the state of Goa.

Last Updated on 20 September 2011