Margoa - Varca Beach

Margoa - Varca Beach is one of the popular tours from Margao conducted by the tourists. The beach is situated at a distance of 18 kilometers from the city of Margao. The Varca Beach is not highly populated like the other beaches near Margao. Being less inhabited by tourists, the beach has been able to retain its natural beauty amidst the clean and tranquil atmosphere.

Regular buses and autos are available from the city of Margao to Varca Beach. The tourist may also travel to the beach in the hired taxis available from the city.

One of them major sporting activities undertaken by the tourists in the region is the dolphin cruise in the wooden boats. The boats travel close to the friendly dolphins. Swimming is also another activity that the tourists frequently indulge in.

Accommodation in Varca Beach is provided to the tourists in the palm thatched houses that lie along the sandy beach. Accommodation is also available in the low priced budget hotels of the region.

The tourists may enjoy the sea food which is a specialty of the restaurants of the region. The stalls or the shacks that are placed along the beach serve refreshments.

The shimmering white sand of the Varca Beach dotted with rocks of black lava lay a mesmerizing effect on the tourists who frequently visit the beach.

Last Updated on 20 September 2011