Travel to Goverdhan

Located at a distance of 23 km to the west of Mathura, Govardhan is an important place of religious importance in Uttar Pradesh among the Hindus. The narrow hill of Giriraj which is made up of sandstone and is 8 km in length houses the famous "Govardhan Hills". The Govardhan Hill is associated with Lord Krishna. People from far and wide of India come to worship the "Govardhan Parvat" to seek divine blessings from Lord Krishna.

According to a historical legend, Lord Krishna had once lifted the entire Giriraj Hill on his finger tip for seven days and nights to save the people of Braj from torrential rain. It is said that Lord Indra had become very jealous of the little boy with divine powers and so He decided to show His strength and power by bringing down heavy rain in the area. However, Lord Krishna saved the people by lifting the mountain.

The city of Govardhan is adjacent to a large tank known as the "Mansi Ganga". The people of this area still believe that the tank was the result of "Divine Intervention" by Lord Krishna.

Govardhan has a long religious history and thousands of devotees flock the area during the time of festivals.

The famous temple of Haridev and the Kusum Sarovar also attracts many devotees from all over the world. Many foreigners also visit the place in search of "Truth" and peace.

The Govardhan Hills look spectacular on a moon lit night which captures the imagination of a poet. It is said that if one takes a round of the Divine Hill, he or she will receive eternal blessings.

Mathura to Goverdhan Journey

The journey from Mathura to Govardhan is very enjoyable with an ascending ride on the uphill, popularly known as "Goverdhan Hillock". Govardhan is situated 26-km from Mathura along the road leading to Deeg in Uttar Pradesh.

The Hindu mythology says that the name Govardhan was derived from the mass of land named Govardhan Hillock that was raised on the finger by Lord Krishna for 7 days and nights to shield the people of Brajbhoomi from the incessant rain sent down by Lord Indra. The hillock is 7 miles in length. The attractions in Govardhan comprise of the 400-yrs-old temple of Har Deva Ji, Mansi Ganga - an artificial lake constructed Man Singh of Jaipur, the red sandstone temple of Haridev and the Kusum Sarovar with intricately carved Chhatris of Raja Surajmal of Bharatpur.

Govardhan from Mathura is only a journey of about 2 and half hour in car, provided the road conditions are favorable. Moreover special tourist buses also run to Govardhan from Mathura regularly. The holy place of Govardhan present a make a charming view which the visitors can never forget. Kusm Sarovar is about 2 miles from the town, near the Radha Kund, which present a fine view.

Traveling from Mathura to Govardhan is easy by any local means of transport. Mathura to Govardhan is traversed by thousands of tourists all round the year. This place is considered as one of the holy pilgrimages in India.

Last Updated on July 26, 2013