Mathura to Barsana

Mathura to Barsana is a famous weekend trip from Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. Barsana is located 45 Kilometers from the city and it takes hardly one hour to reach there. It is a very popular place for pilgrimage among the Hindus as regular buses play from Mathura to Barsana Via Kosi and Goverdhan.

The village of Barsana has a religious significance as it the birthplace of Radha, the consort of Krishna. The place was earlier referred to as Brahmsarin. According to the myth Lord Krishna was asked by Lord Brahma to spend some time on the earth and Krishna in turn asked Brahma to acquire the form of a hill. The four hills that surround the village of Barsana are said to symbolize the four heads of Brahma. Thus the name Brahmsarin is derived from the words Brahma and Sarin.

All the four hills surrounding the village have temples that are dedicated to Lord Krishna and Radha. Among all these temples the most famous is the Ladli Ji ka Mandir. Radha is fondly referred to as Ladli Ji in Barsana. Prem Sarovar is another attraction of the village which is a tank and is important as it is said to be the first meeting place of Lord Krishna and Radha. Pila Pokhra is another pond that can be visited.

Holi in Barsana is famous for all over India. The Holi that is celebrated here is known as Lathmaar Holi. The festival is celebrated between the residents of Nandgaon and Barsana.

Last Updated on : May 09, 2013