Mathura to Daan - Ghati

If the visitors travel from Mathura to Daan - Ghati, in Uttar Pradesh they actually have to visit Govardhana Hill. Dan Ghati is a passage to cross to the other side of Govardhana Hill. This place is well connected to the nearby cities by roadways.

In the ancient times Dan Ghati was the place where taxes were collected. Dan meant tax in Sanskrit. This place is situated on top of Govardhana Hill, where the national highway of Mathura crosses the Govardhana Hill. The shape of Govardhana Hill resembles a peacock. Dan Ghati is the narrow stretch of land resembling the peacock's neck.

The women of Lord Krishna's time passed through this land with their stock of milk, cheese, butter and yogurt to the other side of Govardhana Hill. This place earned even more significance when the gopis once crossed this place to the Govardhana Hill with their stock of milk products for yajna or sacrifice at Govinda Kunda. Krishna and his cowherd friends like Sridama, Madhumangala and Sudama came and blocked at the Daan - Ghati. They asked the gopis to pay a tax. Since then the name emerged as Daan - Ghati.

Traveling from Mathura to Daan - Ghati is the easiest by tourist buses. The Laksmi Narayana temple is also situated on the way from Mathura to Daan - Ghati. This road moves upward to the Govardhana Hill.Govardhana Hill was about 16 miles high before 5,000 years. Daan - Ghati from Mathura shall take one and half hour in Car or super fast buses, if the road conditions are perfect. Mathura to Daan - Ghati is a journey that the visitors enjoy because the route is like going up a mountain, surrounded by scenic landscape.

Last Updated on : May 09, 2013