Potara Kund

Potara Kund is one of the most beautiful attractions of Mathura, Uttar Pradesh and visited by tourists coming here. It is one of the landmarks of Mathura and surrounded by temples from all sides.

Travelling to Potara kund

Potara Kund is easily reached by car,private taxis,bus and coaches. The tourists can visit the place throughout the year but October to March is the best time to visit the place.

Potara kund Attractions

Potara Kund in Mathura is actually a water enclosed area and it is said that mother of Lord Krishna washed his clothes in the Kund. The Potara Kund is made up of huge sandstones and famous temples enclose the area. The stepped structure and the exclusive use of red sand stone in the Potara Kund attract the tourists to pay a visit to the holy site. The water of Potara Kund is considered very holy and it is used for in various auspicious activities. The visitors an take a holy dip by reaching the Kund through the steps. The reflection of the red walls and the stepped structures in the water of the Kund look awesome. The tourists can come and just relax in the Potara Kund.The serenity of the place makes the tourists feel relaxed.

Last Updated on : May 09, 2013