Mathura to Baldeo

The journey from Mathura to Baldeo takes approximately one hour in car. Baldeo is located 20 km south-east of Mathura and 8.5 km south-east of Mahavan on the way to Sadabad. This place is well connected by roadways to all prominent places of the state.

Baldeo is a place famous place in Uttar Pradesh and is well known for the temple dedicated to Balram, the elder brother of Lord Krishna. This temple was built by Shyam Das, a popular architect of Delhi almost 200 years ago. The divine image in the sanctum is that of Baldeo or Balram with his wife Revati. History says that this image was found near the brick lined tank or the Kshir Sagar or Balbhadra Kund.

Baldeo from Mathura is easily accessible by bus services and cars. The national highway leading to Sadabad falls on the way to Baldeo, which is well connected to all the surrounding cities. Two annual fairs are held at Baldeo. On the 6th day of the light half of 'Bhadon' called "Deo-Chhath" is the festive day and the other festival is on the full moon of 'Aghan'. Each and every day the temple court is crowded by pilgrims.

Traveling from Mathura to Baldeo encourages visiting many more historical cities like Gokul, Mahavan, Govardhan, Kusum Sarovar and many more. Mathura to Baldeo is an enjoyable weekend tour from Mathura and is possible all the year through with ample of transportation facilities.

Last Updated on : May 09, 2013