Government Museum, Mathura

Located near the Dampier Park the Government Museum in Mathura can be visited throughout the year by the tourists. The museum was founded by Sir F.S Growse in 1874.

Traveling to Government Museum, Mathura

The government museum can easily be reached by cabs and auto rickshaws hired from the hotel. Tongas are also available in large numbers which provide easy access to Government Museum,Mathura in Uttar Pradesh.

Government Museum, Mathura Attractions

The museum is famous for ancient sculptures of the ancient Mathura school and is one of the leading museums of Uttar Pradesh. The Government museum of Mathura is one of the major attractions as there is a huge collection of sculpture of the Mathura school. Also known as the Mathura museum,the place is extensively used for research and study work. The whole building has an octagonal shape and is made with red sandstone. Splendid sculpture of Kushana are found in the museum. Copper,gold and silver coins are also found in the museum. Terrcota work ,ancient pottery,clay seals,paintings are the other articles found in the museum .People believe that the first Buddha image was developed here. The headless figure of Kanishka is the most striking feature of the museum. Statue of archaic mother goddesses and plaques of the Sunga period are also special features of the government museum in Mathura.

Last Updated on : May 09, 2013