13 Killer Yoga Apps for Super Busy People

Yoga App on mobile

Yoga App on mobileThat was some time back, rather decades back when the national network Doordarshan would telecast a weekly yoga training and information capsule. The yoga enthusiasts would be ready with their mats and be all attention as the Swamiji and his trained disciples would demonstrate various aasanas (poses) for various needs. That was the power of the television screen.

Technology has raced many a mile and smartphone apps are no more a fad, rather have created a niche and have a mass following. Coming back to yoga, this centuries’ old health care art has made a powerful entry into the realms of apps as well and many are deriving benefits, especially the busy bulls and bees who are very short on time.

The crux of the matter is that no matter how busy or super busy you are you can very easily avail the benefits of this wonderful discipline. Presenting a list of 13 apps that are available on either iOS, Android, or both the operating systems for free or a minimal price.

1. Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio is equipped with 65 readymade yoga and meditation classes presented with HD video. The time required to practice these sessions ranges from 10 to 60 minutes. You can create your own video classes from the library of yoga poses and ‘pose blocks’ (poses commonly grouped together). You can modify the music, ambient sounds, and plan the classes to automatically sync with your calendar.

Yoga Studio is available on iOS for $3.99

2. Yoga.com Studio

Yoga.com Studio is loaded with abundant programmes and poses that are deftly planned for all skill levels. The app has preset programmes and poses in the library that are presented with HD video demonstrations. You can add your own poses, variants, and custom made programmes. You can even join the in-built social community where you can share or search for custom programmes. You can schedule features to remind you the workouts on a calendar.

Yoga.com Studio is available on Android for free and on iOS for $3.99

3. Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga has a library of more than 50 yoga classes and 400-plus workout poses presented with HD video and background music. For beginners the app has seven yoga plans with a variety of exercises, intensities, and durations. If you want more advanced modules and poses, you will have to subscribe to Daily Yoga.

Daily Yoga is available on Android and iOS for Free

4. Pocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga, as the name suggests, gives you the freedom to practice at your own time and pace. To say that you can carry your own yoga studio won’t be an overstatement. Pocket Yoga is fitted with detailed audio-visual instructions for scores of different poses. There are complete write-ups about the instructions and health benefits of every exercise. Pocket Yoga lets you choose from three different practices, three difficulties and three durations. As per your most preferred or used combination the app logs your exercises and progress for future reference.

Pocket Yoga is available on Android and iOS for $2.99 each

5. Pocket Yoga Practice Builder

Pocket Yoga Practice Builder consolidates Pocket Yoga app. It is especially aimed at yoga practitioners and teachers who wish to design and save their own custom yoga practice routines. You can choose from a library of more than 200 poses and variations and set them in the order and duration of your comfort with the app recommending combinations based on established practices. You can save your practices and share them via AirDrop, email or convert them into PDF documents.

Pocket Yoga Practice Builder is available on iOS for $6.99

6. 5 Minute Yoga

5 Minute Yoga has more than 350 short but effective yoga sessions that are designed to be completed in 5 minutes, or less. These yoga sessions are created from a library of illustrated poses with detailed instructions. The sessions have a timer to ensure that you put in just the right amount of time for each pose. You can select music from the library for each session.
5 Minute Yoga is available on iOS for $0.99

7. Simply Yoga

Simply Yoga lets you choose difficult levels along with durations of 20, 40 or 60 minutes. The audio-visual instructions guide you through the various poses.

Simply Yoga is available on Android and iOS for $3.99

8. Salute the Desk

Salute the Desk is kind of an ode to the popular ‘Salute the Sun’ sequence of asanas. It comes with an illustrated routine of poses and meditation techniques designed to relieve tension, improve posture and stretch your body without moving from your office chair.

Salute the Desk is available on iOS for $3.99

9. Yogify

Yogify comes from the house of Electronic Arts, the video game publishing giant. This app is suitable for beginners and experts alike. It offers a series of free sample classes to get you initiated. The app has photo guides and instructions. If you want to explore further then the sessions are categorized by difficulty and focus (strength, flexibility, etc) which are available as in-app purchases.

Yogify is available on iOS for Free

10. Om Finder

With Om Finder you can easily locate yoga studios in your proximity. Also, you get information about classes, teachers, schedules, and get to connect with the local community and check reviews from other practitioners.

Om Finder is available on iOS for Free

11. Office Yoga

Office Yoga is a simple app made up of an e-deck of cards that carry instructions for yoga poses custom made for desk-workers. Office Yoga is a great and easy way to take care of your health if you don’t have time to attend proper classes.

Office Yoga is available on iOS for $0.99

12. YOGAmazing

YOGAmazing could well be described as an ‘in-pocket studio’ offering more than 25 mix-and-match mini classes to fully customize a practice on the go and to let you chalk out your practice style to be a part of your busy schedule.

YOGAmazing is available on iOS for $4.99

13. Universal Breathing — Pranayama

Universal Breathing — Pranayama is a boon for those who wish to master the yogic breathing techniques (pranayama). Comprehensive guidance and instructions merged with spectacular visuals and simple design help you to practice techniques on your own.

Universal Breathing — Pranayama is available on iOS for $4.99

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