Smart Phones – Smarter Life

Smart Phones - Smarter Life

Smart Phones - Smarter Life

With the advent of technology, life sure has become easier and smarter, especially with the integration of advanced technologies in our phones. Today, we have a plethora of smartphones in the market to choose from, but have we ever thought how these devices are making our life smarter?

Do you remember the time when people used to travel long distances to phone booths to make or receive a single call? Today, from telephone to mailbox, camera, torch, and much more, we have got everything in our pocket in a single device which weighs less than 200 grams. Every tool is just a click away. Earlier we used to go to cybercafés to surf the internet and used to waste hours waiting for our turn, but now with easy access to the internet on our phones, we save our time and money at the same time. The exposure to so much of information on the internet within seconds anytime, anywhere on our smartphones is making us all knowledgeable and of course, smarter.
Here are some ways how smartphones have changed our lives:

Home Safety

In today’s world, when the chances of theft are at their apogee, we can leave our homes locked for days without worrying as we can have a live CCTV footage in our smartphones twenty-four hours. Hence, one can enjoy his/her vacation without any worry. Moreover, who thought that one-day homes could be remotely locked or unlocked with phones? All this has become possible due to the smart locks controlled directly by our smartphones.

Payment Through Mobile Applications

Earlier whenever we used to walk out from our homes, wallet used to be one of the most important things to carry along with us. But now, with mobile phone-based payment systems and digital wallets, using applications like Paytm and Samsung Pay, payments can be made within seconds from our mobile phones.

Better Health Management

Health is one of the major issues these days. People generally ignore health and fitness in their everyday hustle. But today, with the help of a variety of apps in our smartphones, one can follow his/her health regime even without any personal coach, at the comfort of their home.
From the distance travelled on foot to the heart-rate and stress level, a lot can be measured with our phones these days. We are now able to create a healthy lifestyle pattern by recording data such as daily intake of food, water, and caffeine. Thanks to the variety of sensors and applications on our phones.

Improved Relationships

Smartphones have helped in improving the relationships to a great extent. Today, even if we forget the anniversary or birthday of our close ones, Google Calendar won’t let us forget with its reminders.
The feature of video calling in our smartphones has bridged the gap between us and our loved ones to a great extent. Now, we don’t have to wait for weekends, holidays or festivals to indulge in a face-to-face chat with them.

Artificial Intelligence

While we talk about how our life is getting smarter using a variety of features in our smartphones, we cannot ignore the artificial intelligence coming in smartphones these days. With the help of AI, smartphones now adapt to your routine, predict what you need and show content according to the time and your location. This feature is yet to improve a lot in the near future where we can expect phones to resemble human thinking to a great extent.

Application-based cab services

Now, a cab being a luxury is a thing of the past. With online cab aggregators like Uber and Ola available at your beck and call, road transportation has never been easier. These days, a person can go in an air-conditioned cab for the fare as low as Rs 6 per kilometre. All you need to do is just pick up your phone, open the app, and book a ride.

Do you see how everything is being done in seconds? Aren’t we becoming smarter in managing our lives? Every now and then, new smartphones with new features are being launched, and we are always looking forward to new technology that can make our lives much smarter, faster, and easier. So, can we expect something like smartphones with a foldable screen that can be worn on the wrist like a watch or smartphones with under-screen fingerprint sensor? Well, we can just wait as of now and make the most of the present technology.

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