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LocationPincode State District
Aimol Kodamphai795135 ManipurThoubal
Andro795149 ManipurThoubal
Angbrashu795135 ManipurThoubal
Angtha795149 ManipurThoubal
Arapyi795130 ManipurThoubal
Arong Nongmaikhong795103 ManipurThoubal
Athokpam795138 ManipurThoubal
Athokpam Khunou795138 ManipurThoubal
Bongbal Khullen795149 ManipurThoubal
Bongli795135 ManipurThoubal
Chairen795101 ManipurThoubal
Chajing Pt ii795130 ManipurThoubal
Changamdabi795149 ManipurThoubal
Charangpat795138 ManipurThoubal
Chaton795135 ManipurThoubal
Chelhep795135 ManipurThoubal
Cherapur795148 ManipurThoubal
Elangkhangpokpi795103 ManipurThoubal
Haokha795138 ManipurThoubal
Haokhongching795149 ManipurThoubal
Haoreibi Mayai leikai795130 ManipurThoubal
Heinganglok795149 ManipurThoubal
Heinoumakhong795130 ManipurThoubal
Heirok Part 2795148 ManipurThoubal
Herok Part 1795148 ManipurThoubal
Hivanalam795103 ManipurThoubal
Hulkap795149 ManipurThoubal
Irong Tangkhul795149 ManipurThoubal
Irong Thokchom (t/c/d)795138 ManipurThoubal
Jul Bangching795101 ManipurThoubal
K M college795103 ManipurThoubal
K. molnam795101 ManipurThoubal
Kakching795103 ManipurThoubal
Kakching Khunou795103 ManipurThoubal
Kalikalok795103 ManipurThoubal
Kambang Khunou795135 ManipurThoubal
Kamu Tampak795149 ManipurThoubal
Kamu Tongam795149 ManipurThoubal
Kamuching795149 ManipurThoubal
Karongthel795148 ManipurThoubal
Kasom Khullen795149 ManipurThoubal
Keibung Mamang795138 ManipurThoubal
Keirak795103 ManipurThoubal
Khambathel795101 ManipurThoubal
Khangabok795138 ManipurThoubal
Khangbaram795135 ManipurThoubal
Kharou Khullen795135 ManipurThoubal
Khekmanedbo795138 ManipurThoubal
Khoibu795135 ManipurThoubal
Khoirom795149 ManipurThoubal
Khongjom795148 ManipurThoubal
Khonglou Vaiphei (t/c/d)795149 ManipurThoubal
Khongnangpheisani795101 ManipurThoubal
Khousat (t/c/d)795135 ManipurThoubal
Khudei Khunou795103 ManipurThoubal
Khunbi795135 ManipurThoubal
Kiyam Shiphai795138 ManipurThoubal
Kshetri Leikai795138 ManipurThoubal
Laiching Khongsang795135 ManipurThoubal
Lairabokhong795130 ManipurThoubal
Lamkang Khunou795135 ManipurThoubal
Lamlong Khullen795135 ManipurThoubal
Lamlong Khunou795135 ManipurThoubal
Langmeidon795103 ManipurThoubal
Leibi795135 ManipurThoubal
Leingangching795103 ManipurThoubal
Lembakhul795138 ManipurThoubal
Lilong795130 ManipurThoubal
Liwachangning795135 ManipurThoubal
Longja795101 ManipurThoubal
Louremba795149 ManipurThoubal
Lungthar795149 ManipurThoubal
M Bongmol795101 ManipurThoubal
Machi795135 ManipurThoubal
Mahou Tera795101 ManipurThoubal
Mairembam795103 ManipurThoubal
Mantak795103 ManipurThoubal
Mayang Imphal795132 ManipurThoubal
Minou Khunjao795135 ManipurThoubal
Moijing795138 ManipurThoubal
Molhang795135 ManipurThoubal
Mollen (t/c/d)795149 ManipurThoubal
Moltek795135 ManipurThoubal
Nambasi795149 ManipurThoubal
Narum795135 ManipurThoubal
Nodoom Bazar795103 ManipurThoubal
Nongpok Sekmai795149 ManipurThoubal
Nungei795130 ManipurThoubal
Okram Wangmataba795138 ManipurThoubal
Pangaltabi795103 ManipurThoubal
Phoudel795138 ManipurThoubal
Phouoibi795149 ManipurThoubal
Phunalmaring795130 ManipurThoubal
Phundrei795148 ManipurThoubal
Poirou Khongjil795138 ManipurThoubal
Puleilokpi795148 ManipurThoubal
Purum Pantha795103 ManipurThoubal
Sabaltongba795138 ManipurThoubal
Saibhom795135 ManipurThoubal
Salungpham795148 ManipurThoubal
Samaram795148 ManipurThoubal
Sangaikot795101 ManipurThoubal
Sangaiyumpham795148 ManipurThoubal
Sapam Salai795148 ManipurThoubal
Saram Patong795149 ManipurThoubal
Serou795101 ManipurThoubal
Shahumphai795101 ManipurThoubal
Sita795135 ManipurThoubal
Soichang795149 ManipurThoubal
Songjang795135 ManipurThoubal
Sora795103 ManipurThoubal
Tekcham795148 ManipurThoubal
Tentha795148 ManipurThoubal
Thamnapokpi795135 ManipurThoubal
Thiyamkonjil795130 ManipurThoubal
Thoubal795138 ManipurThoubal
Thoubal Block (t/c/d)795138 ManipurThoubal
Thoubal Khunou795138 ManipurThoubal
Thoubal Leisangthem795138 ManipurThoubal
Thoubal Ningombam795138 ManipurThoubal
Tokpaching795103 ManipurThoubal
Tollen795148 ManipurThoubal
Top Chingtha795149 ManipurThoubal
Turelahnabi795130 ManipurThoubal
Urup795130 ManipurThoubal
Wabagai795103 ManipurThoubal
Waikhong795103 ManipurThoubal
Wangbal795138 ManipurThoubal
Wangjing795148 ManipurThoubal
Wangoo Laipham795103 ManipurThoubal
Yairipok795149 ManipurThoubal
Yairipok Tulihal795149 ManipurThoubal
Yambem Laxmi bazar795149 ManipurThoubal

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