Shimla Culture

Shimla culture reflects the tradition and life pattern of the pahari people.

Being about 7500 ft above sea level Shimla is one of the favorite holiday destinations among tourists both nationally and internationally.

Speaking of Shimla culture you cannot avoid their lifestyle, art and craft, fairs and festivals, food, dance, music,language or clothes.
  • Lifestyle : The living pattern of the majority of people in Shimla is still that of a rural. Agriculture and livestock keeping are the two main occupations of the people.

  • Art and Craft : The greatest example of the Culture of Shimla is the handworks of its people. You can check out the Thapada and Kohana- two styles of embroidery, bamboo items made by the Dom tribe. Apart from this Shimla also provides you its unparallel art of metal, stone and wood crafting.

  • Fairs and Festivals : Fairs and festivals are an essential part of Culture in Shimla and you can experience its charm as the city celebrates them all around the year. The main attractions amongst them are the Summer and Winter festivals, Shivratri, the Ice Skating Carnival and International Folk Festival.

  • Food and Music : Two famous recipes of Shimla are Baadi/Ghaunda, and Bada/Poldu. The tribal music in Shimla is very famous. Instruments like Ektara, Jhanjh, Manjara, Chimta,etc. are used here.

  • Dance : The major dance forms of Shimla are the Rakshasa Dance or the Dance of the Demon, the Kayang Dance and the Rasa Dance.

  • Language : Hindi being officially the state language, people mostly use Pahari or several dialects of it.

  • Traditional Clothes : Clothes too reflect the Shimla Culture-be it Salwar, Kameez , Kurta or the long knee length gown known as Juan Chadiyan.

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