Shimla Hotel Rates

Shimla Hotel Rates are varied and are suitable for any traveler according to his or her preference-be it a budget hotel, midrange hotel or luxury accommodation.

Shimla Hotel Rates vary by season. Shimla Hotel rates are the most expensive during the peak tourist season and comparatively cheap during the lean or off season. The peak tourist season is during the summer, when the pleasant cool weather of Shimla attracts hordes of tourists from all over India to Shimla.

They arrive to escape the searing heat of the Indo-Gangetic Plain. Shimla cools their heat scarred bodies and refreshes their souls. The hotel management increase the room rates to take advantage of the increased demand of hotel rooms.

\ The lean season for the Shimla hospitality industry starts on the onset of the monsoon and continues through the winter. In this season hotels charge less; this is due to the slack or low demand for rooms. Very few tourists come during the monsoons; a few arrives in Shimla during the winter to take advantage of the skiing conditions on the mountain slopes.

Shimla Hotel Rates vary from:
  • Budget ( Under Rs.1500 per day)
  • Mid-Range (From Rs.1500 to Rs.6000)
  • Luxury ( From Rs. 6000 and above)
Shimla Hotel Rates can also vary by the method you make a reservation in a particular hotel. If you enquire about a hotel rate by coming to that hotel just off the street , you pay more(Rack rate) than the rate you normally pay for the same hotel room by booking through a travel agent.

It is advisable to make room reservations in Shimla Hotels before arriving in Shimla to take advantage of moderate Shimla Hotel Rates.

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