Science City

Science City was set up in the year 1997. It is located in the eastern region of Kolkata. Science City is the brainchild of the National Council of Science Museums. Science City is not only an amusement park but you gain lots of knowledge from this place on Science and Technology. People of all age groups enjoy the trip to Science City.

Science City in Kolkata,West Bengal is the one of its kind in India that displays all the scientific applications and technology. Science City is divided into various sections such as:

  • Space Odyssey
  • Dynamotion
  • Life Science Corners
  • Science Park
  • Toy Train
  • Ropeway
  • Dinosaurs Complex, etc.

But the star attraction of Science City Kolkata is the Space Theater. It is a circular hall with a dome shaped ceiling which looks like an inverted bowl from inside. Another attraction of Science City in Kolkata are the musical color fountains.

Science City also consists of a large conferencing center complex with all modern facilities including air conditioners, audio video systems, etc. The main auditorium can house around 2300 persons while the side auditorium at Science City can accommodate only 450. In addition, it consists of 8 adjacent halls that can accommodate 200 to 250 people in each.

Science City consists of 3 hang around named Durga Mandap, Mukta Mancha and Bengal Gallery, a food plaza and a little space near it for some scientific exhibitions too. Its the best place to visit for tourists who want to learn more about science. Moreover do take your children for a ride of the wild birds and artificial dinosaurs kept here.

Last Updated on 10/22/2012