Howrah Bridge

Howrah Bridge is popularly known as Rabindra Setu in West Bengal. Howrah Bridge in Kolkata spans over river Hooghly and is considered to be a marvelous engineering work by the British. The Howrah Bridge is enumerated amongst the busiest cantilever bridge in the World.

Howrah Bridge of Kolkata carries traffic of around 60,000 vehicles and innumerable pedestrians daily. The Howrah Bridge links the metropolitan city of Kolkata and Howrah. Thus the Howrah Bridge of Kolkata acts as the lifeline of this metropolitan city. The Howrah Bridge in Kolkata is one of three bridges on the Hooghly River. It is in fact the most sentimental landmark as well as a vital identity of the colonial city.

It took nearly about 7 long years to construct the Howrah Bridge. The cantilever bridge of Howrah was completed in 1943. The Howrah Bridge in Kolkata was opened to traffic and public in the same year. The total expenditure of making the bridge was nearly ?2,500,000. The Howrah Bridge of Kolkata was built by riveting the whole structure and you will not find the use of nuts or bolts. Today, Howrah Bridge acts as the gateway to Kolkata, connecting the city to the Howrah Station, the main railway stations of the city and the busiest railway stations of India.

The Howrah Bridge is 705 meters long and 97 feet wide. The structure of the Howrah Bridge was built from 26,500 tons of high-tensile steel, supported by two piers. Each pier of the Howrah Bridge is about 90 meters above the road.

Last Updated on : 22 October 2012