Famous Monuments in Kolkata

Kolkata is a city which owes it existence to the British Raj. The famous monuments in Kolkata are structures of that era.

Kolkata is one of the four mega cities in India. It is the capital of West Bengal. The urban landscape of Kolkata is littered with structures made by its erstwhile British creators. The famous monuments in Kolkata describe eloquently their colonial dreams and the consequent cultural mix. This cultural mix resulted in the construction of structures some of which became the famous monuments in Kolkata.

There are a number of famous monuments in Kolkata. The list of famous monuments in Kolkata are:
  • Shahid Minar: Shahid Minar is one of the foremost famous monuments in Kolkata. Shahid Minar is located in the heart of Kolkata-at Esplanade. This famous monument is 52 meters high and you will have to climb 218 steps to reach the top.
  • Victoria Memorial: Victoria Memorial is arguably one of the most famous monuments in Kolkata. Every cliche picture of Kolkata must contain at least one picture of the Victoria Memorial. The foundation stone was laid by King George V in 1906.
  • Marble Palace: The Marble Palace is one of the famous monuments at Kolkata which speaks of the grand old days of the British Empire. Marble Palace is a Palladian mansion encircled by a large beautiful garden.
  • Indian Museum: Indian Museum is one of the functional famous monuments in Kolkata. Indian Museum was established in 1878. The museum is built in the Italian architectural style and is considered as the largest museum in the Indian Republic.

Last Updated on : 22 October 2012