Clown Town, Kolkata

Clown Town in Kolkata, West Bengal is a very popular amusement park. It is a favorite destination amongst the children. Clown Town is located at the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass Road in Kolkata. This is the first ever children's park in Kolkata. Everything including the interiors of the park is done keeping the likings of the children in mind.

Some of the very famous attractions of Clown Town in Kolkata are Bungee Run, Roller Skates, Jump Walls, Bike Rides, etc. Bunjee Jump and Jump Walls are the two funniest games which the children enjoy a lot.

The bungee jump at Kolkata Clown Town is a very interesting as well as funny game where the kids are put on the elastic belts which are tied to cushion walls and then they are told to run. As they move forward, the belts drives them back to the cushion wall. This game is worth watching too because the situation becomes funny while the kids struggle for run.

Another resistless game among the children that is available at Clown Town of Kolkata is the motor racing which is organized under the name of Kid's Grand Prix to make the kids feel the spirit of the real motor race. Other attractions at Clown Town in Kolkata are skate board, aquatic games, dance floor, and Kiddies Kingdom. Kiddies Kingdom is an house of toys and the very famous Disney characters.

Clown Town at Kolkata offers various indoor games and refreshment parks to the guardians or caretakers of the children. So if you are planning to throw a surprise for your little child, you can count in Clown Town Kolkata amongst the options.

Last Updated on 10/22/2012