Nalban Boating Complex

Nalban Boating Complex is one of the finest picnic sites in the city. As the name suggests, it is basically a boating complex where you can experience boating in various types of boats. The place attracts lots of people who want to spend their quality time amidst the glory and grace of nature.

Being located in the core of the Salt Lake city, the latest hub of the Kolkata,West Bengal which is only 12 kilometers away from Central Kolkata, Nalban Boating Complex is easily accessible. One can avail a taxi or a bus or can take up an auto rickshaw from the Salt Lake entrance.

Nalban Boating Complex of Kolkata consists of a lake and brooks which are surrounded by plantations all around. The star attraction of Nalban Boating Complex is the 400 acres magnanimous and exquisite lake with different types of boating including paddle boat, shikaras, rowing boats, hovercraft, etc. People can enjoy the cool breeze of the lake while taking a pleasurable ride on the boat. There is a food joint inside the boating complex which becomes crowded in the evening. Also, the place can be taken for private parties, marriage ceremonies and so on.

Nalban Boating Complex at Kolkata is a very secluded place in comparison to other amusement parks and that is why Nalban Boating Complex of Kolkata is the hot spot for romancing among the young couples who want to spend some quiet moments in private while exploring the beauty of nature at the same time.

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The Nalban Boating Complex in Kolkata is a place that is worth visiting.

Last Updated on 10/22/2012