Amusement Parks

Kolkata is a bustling city bing the capital of West Bengal. The amusement parks in Kolkata provide a welcome respite from the constant urban pressure. The amusement parks in Kolkata provide wholesome outdoor entertainment at reasonable price.

The amusement parks in Kolkata is a term for Kolkata parks which has a collection of rides and other varied entertainment attractions which is brought together for the purpose of entertaining a substantial number of people. The amusement parks in Kolkata cater to Kolkatans of all age groups-adults, teenagers and children.

The major amusement parks in Kolkata include the following:
  • Nicco Park: Nicco Park is located at the eastern fringes of Kolkata city-Salt Lake. The Nicco Park is regarded as one of the pioneers among the present amusement parks in Kolkata. There is a variety of unusual games and rides. The Cave Ride is its latest addition and is unique in this part of the world.
  • Nalban Boating Complex: Nalban Boating Complex is located at Salt Lake. The principal attraction of Nalban Boating Complex is the beautiful lake which is utilized for leisure boating activities. It is also used as a family picnic spot.
  • Science City: Science City is counted as one of the premier amusement parks in Kolkata. It is located on the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass. This park promotes the teaching of science subjects in an innovative way.
  • Millennium Park: Millennium Park is situated along the banks of the Hooghly river. The park has come up in Calcutta Port Trust land. The park has a length of two and a half kilometers.

Last Updated on 10/22/2012