Gardens in Kolkata

The gardens in Kolkata are a welcome break from the humdrum of the city. If you are a nature lover-or just looking for some solitude, then the gardens in Kolkata are the perfect place for you to relax!

The gardens in Kolkata, West Bengal are planned spaces, set aside for the display and cultivation of plants and other elements of nature. The gardens in Kolkata contain both natural and man made objects. The gardens of Kolkata which exclusively display plants are known as Botanical Gardens and those gardens in Kolkata which have varied animals enclosed within are known as Zoological Gardens or by its common short form - zoos.

The Botanical Garden of Kolkata grow and nurture a wide variety of plants which are categorized and documented for further scientific study. The Zoological Garden in Kolkata is a place where the animals are confined within enclosures and displayed to the public. The gardens in Kolkata are often used for scientific research-for example animals are bred in the Zoological Garden of Kolkata.

The Zoological Garden of Kolkata is situated at Alipore. There are many wild animals in natural enclosures. The Zoological Garden in Kolkata has an extensive variety of flora and fauna. The zoo has a large number of mammals. The Zoological Gardens in Kolkata has a famous resident: a tortoise which is much older than the zoo. According to popular legend, the tortoise was a contemporary of Job Charnock - the founder of the city of Kolkata!

The gardens in Kolkata are usually open from sunrise to sunset.

Last Updated on : 23 October 2012