Gurusaday Museum

Gurusaday Museum of Kolkata exhibits the rich folklore and handicrafts of Bengal. The idea behind this museum was of Sri Gurusaday Dutta. He worked as a District Collector with the British East India Company's rule.

Gurusaday Museum of Kolkata houses the famous:
  • Kalighat school of painting
  • the wonderful Dhokra crafts
  • the Patachitras
  • terracotta works and
  • the sarees of Bengal - Jamdani and Tangails.
A visit to the Gursaday Museum in Kolkata reveals a horizon of some of Bengal's best representatives of art and craft. The museum has an extraordinary collection of Kalighat scroll paintings which dates back to 17th and 18th century. The museum also showcases a wide range of Bengal's Kanthas. You will become spellbound at the sight of Bengal's terracotta plates, wooden sculptures, a bewildering variety of Bengal potteries, clay idols and wooden utensils.

The Gurusaday Museum of Kolkata has a wide variety of traditional Bengal Patachitras. In Patachitras, the painters employ fabric as the matrix on which they apply clay, cow dung and certain other sticky elements and dry the fabric which then becomes ideal for painting. The Patas depict religious motifs and Puranic and Vedic stories.

The popularity of Bengal's Kantha is obvious and on display at Gurusaday Museum at Kolkata each one of which is a masterpiece. Here the folk motifs are drawn by simple running stitches.

A trip to Gurusaday Museum of Kolkata is not only enjoyable, but it is also the best way to pay tribute to Bengal's rich art and folklore. So if you have a love for culture, a passion for art, you must not miss to see such a wonderful collection.

Last Updated on : 23 October 2012