Bangalore Development Authority

The Bangalore Development Authority was established on 6th January 1976 under the BDA Act 1976.The Authority was set up with the primary objective of fulfilling the Planning functions of the city. Prior to this the planning functions of Bangalore were vested in the hands of the City Improvement Trust Board

Initially the planning and development of the city was the responsibility of the CITB. The Bangalore Development Authority was formed with the aim of creating good quality infrastructure, providing sites for residential and commercial purposes and providing homes to the under privileged citizens of the city.

Since its establishment the Bangalore Development Authority has allotted 76,000 sites spread across the city to different individuals for the purpose of residential construction. The Authority has also constructed a number of civic amenity sites like hospitals and other organizations catering to the specific needs of the people of Bangalore.

Departments of the Bangalore Development Authority

The Land Acquisition Department

It is the function of the land acquisition department to acquire land for proper execution of new projects. This department also works in close association with the Engineering Department for the formation of new layouts in the city.

The Town Planning Department

This department prepares and revises the plans made for the development of Bangalore. The Town Planning Department is engaged in periodic preparation of Layouts for housing schemes in Bangalore

The Engineering Department

This department executes the various developmental schemes undertaken by the Authority with respect to layouts and infrastructural works. The Engineering Department also takes care of the city's water supply and drainage system.

The Allotment & Administration Department

This department takes care of all matters relating to site allotment for residential and commercial purposes. The Allotment & Administration Department also handles matters pertaining to collection of rent from shops and assessment of the amount of tax that is to be collected from a particular property.

The Finance Department

This department advises the Bangalore Development Authority on financial matters. It also carries the responsibility of maintaining the accounts of the authority.

The Law Department

The responsibility of this department is to guide the Authority on legal issues. It also handles all the lawsuits filed by and against the Bangalore Development Authority in different courts, etc.

The Public Relations Department

This department handles all the media Related issues like publication of press release and advertisements. This department also handles the various queries from public applications and then transfers it to the respective department.

Functions of the Bangalore Development Authority

The Bangalore Development Authority performs the following planning functions:
  • To prepare scheme plans.
  • To approve Development Plans for Layouts and Group Housing
  • To prepare development plan for the city
  • To approve building plans


Apart from the planning functions, the Bangalore Development Authority also performs the following development functions:
  • Providing sites for Commercial, residential and Industrial purposes.
  • Construction of Commercial buildings
  • Development of proper infrastructure facilities
  • Providing sites for the construction of Parks and playgrounds
  • Construction of residence for the Low and Middle Income groups
  • Construction of residence for the High Income Group


The Hebbal Flyover by BDA has received an award from the Indian Institution of Bridge Engineers for being the one of the 9th outstanding Bridges in the world.
  • Restoration of Lake Agaram.

  • Restoration of Benniganahalli Lake.
The Bangalore Development Authority has also received acclamations for the restoration of the popular Lalbagh Lake. The Authorty has completely changed the face of the lake by installing a 1.5 mld capacity water plant that adds to the beauty of the lake and also fulfills numerous irrigational requirements of the city.

The latest project taken up the Authority is the restoration of Cubbon Park. The BDA is actively trying its best to rejuvenate the ambience of 300 acres park. The BDA plans to install a 1.5 mld treatment plant, design path ways, illuminate and repair the sewerage lines in the Cubbon Park.

Contact Information

Bangalore Development Authority


T. Chowdaiah Road,
Kumarapark West,
Bangalore-560 020.
Tel: 23342716
e-mail: [email protected]

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