Bhopal Art and Culture

The city of Bhopal can boast of a great historical experiences which have definitely left their impression on the art and culture of Bhopal. The city of Bhopal is a picturesque one with two artificial lakes and a masonry wall enclosing it. Bhopal Art and Culture are unique in their own right and speak of a rich heritage and past of the region. The most striking feature about Bhopal Art and Culture is the equilibrium it maintains between Hindu and Muslim Cultures.

The gradient gives an amphitheater kind of effect to the cities' landscape which is dotted with lakes. Modern Bhopal has embraced new ways of life but has not discarded the old. This merging of the old and the new has created a very unique genre of Bhopal Art and Culture. The most prominent elements of Bhopal Art and Culture are its Chowks lined with old mosques and havelis. The city portrays an unusual amalgamation of Hindu and Muslim art styles.

The State Government takes good care to preserve Bhopal Art and Culture and the Bharat Bhavan is a perfect example of that endeavor. This museum houses an art gallery, libraries of poetry, classical and folk music. One can also shop for small artifacts which are the best example of the Art of Bhopal. There artifacts include exquisite silver jewelery, beautifully-fashioned bead work and velvet purses and cushions.

The cuisine of Bhopal also reflects the cultural fusion of the place. Besides some delicious vegetarian dishes, Bhopal is also the inventor of some of the most tasty meat dishes like the spicy achar gost (pickled lamb). The Bhopali paan is an integral part of Bhopal Art and Culture as it reflects the relaxed and regal temperament of the local people.

Last Updated on 23 July 2012