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Bhopal Airport

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Brief History of Bhopal

Bhopal, the beautiful capital of Madhya Pradesh has a wonderful skyline; minarets, domes, steeples of temples, spires and towers. If you are in an open area you would also be able to watch the lush green gardens, hills and the lakes of the city. Bhopal is situated on a hill and the lakes make it even more beautiful. The city with medieval architectural charm is now developing into an educational hub and a modern city with glitzy lights, tall buildings and wider roads. It was originally called Bhojpal, which was later on renamed as Bhopal. In ancient India, it was a neighboring town of Ujjain, the historical capital of Bhoj kingdom.

Bhopal has seen one of the worst calamities post independence in the form of Union Carbide gas disaster. This US Company, which produced pesticides using methyl isocyanate (MIC) as an intermediary, failed to comply with safety norms and its plant located in the heart of the city accidentally released a lot of poisonous gas one night in 1984, when people were fast asleep. Thousands of people died and thousands more were left sick and crippled. Apart from that incidence the city is largely peaceful and progressive.

Economic Flights Available

Jet Airways India's Jet Konnect flights are frequently available for Bhopal from all the major towns of India. You can easily book it online. Jet Konnekt is very budget friendly and it conducts at least two flights daily from Delhi to Bhopal on any given day. Indian Airlines is also cheaper and frequently available from every part of India. SpiceJet, Kingfisher and Air India also conduct daily flights to and from the city. The time taken from Delhi to Bhopal is roughly 1.5 hours through the local airlines. From Indore it is just 40 minutes. From other remote towns, it is better to first take a flight to a major airport such as Delhi, Mumbai or Kolkata and then take a connecting flight to Bhopal.

You can get heavy discounts if you book it a few months prior to your journey, as there are many promotions being announced from time to time.

Indian Cities Connected by Airways:

Direct flights are available to Bhopal from the following Indian cities:

Mumbai Chennai New Delhi Bangalore Raipur
Chandigarh Trivandrum AhmedabadVisakhapatnam Hyderabad
Jodhpur Srinagar Udaipur Patna Indore
Guwahati Goa Shimla BhavnagarNanded
Dimapur Pathankot Varanasi Nagpur Mangalore
Lucknow Rajahmundry Calicut Port Blair Imphal
Cochin Jaipur Vadodara Kullu Rajkot
Ranchi Amritsar Jorhat Kolkata Kandla
Gwalior Bhubaneshwar Madurai Pune Tirupati
Jammu Bhuj Aurangabad Silchar Latur
Leh VijayawadaBagdogra Coimbatore Dehradun
BelgaumShillong Jamshedpur Kolhapur Dharamshala
Bellary Gorakhpur Gaya Jamnagar Dibrugarh
Allahabad Tezpur Diu AizawlJaisalmer
Lilabari Kanpur Agartala Khajuraho  
Hubli Tiruchirapalli Porbandar Puttaparthi  
Agra Nasik Surat Tuticorin

Airport and Transportation from There

The city of lakes Bhopal is well served by a domestic airport; it is located within one hour's drive from the city center and it is named after the founder of the city Raja Bhoj. It is on Jaipur national highway. Prepaid taxis and buses are available just outside the airport to the city center and other places.

Jet Airways Konnect also referred to as Jet Konnect is one of the most economical private domestic airlines of India. The Konnect Airlines was launched in 2009 with barely eight aircrafts in its kitty. It mainly covers the tier two cities such as Madurai, Mangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bengaluru, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kochi, Udaipur, Bhavnagar, Bhopal, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Coimbatore, Hyderabad and Vadodara. Konnect is slightly more economical than the regular Jet Airways. Konnect is fast expanding its services and flights per week.

Last Updated on 19 October 2011