Bhopal Real Estate

Bhopal real estate is about to face a new boom with major real estate giants acquiring properties near Bhopal airport. Bhopal real estate is to witness a major revolution. People in Bhopal should get themselves ready for some great housing complexes, shopping malls and other business infrastructure.

The numerous real estate agencies and property dealers' enables in the hassle free transaction of commercial and private land holdings and residential establishments. Some of the notable real estate agencies of Bhopal are:

  • Real Estate Networking
  • Loading Bay Equipment
  • Bhopal India

    The real estate agencies and property dealers' provides a plethora of services to the interested local citizens who want to purchase, sell and buy a flat, house or land. Being an industrial city, many new industries are coming up in the recent years in Bhopal. The major industrial establishments require huge lands which are purchased through the real estate property dealers'. To give the city of Bhopal a completely new and modern look the traditional individual houses are demolished to give way to the lavish apartments. The real estate dealers' deal helps the citizens to purchase new flats at reasonable costs.

    The process of purchasing, selling and renting a flat or private houses has become much simpler and faster with the help of real estate and property dealers'. One of the important business sectors, the real estate and property in Bhopal has helped to strengthen the economic base of the city.

    The fight for Bhopal real estate has led to the increase in land prices by more than 10 times. DLF has acquired about 60 acres of land while Parsvnath is eying for a big deal soon. Land prices at Singar Choli which was somewhere between Rs 25-60 per square feet in 1999 is now priced between Rs 500-750 per square feet.

    If the local builder groups are to be believed, Bhopal real estate is now the best place to invest your savings. If you are mesmerized with the scenic beauty of Bhopal and want to buy yourself a property out there, then the following list of real estate dealers in Bhopal will be of great help to you :

  • Ananya Properties
    9-B, Govindpura Garden, Raisen Road Govindpura, Bhopal
    Phone: 91-755-4280317

  • B R Consultants
    Shop No-2, No-220, Jaimini House Zone MP Nagar, Bhopal
    Phone: 91-755-572118

  • Chandroday Property
    L-15, Thadaram Complex, Zone - I MP Nagar, Bhopal - 462011
    Phone: 91-755-761792

  • Fair Deal
    456, 2nd Floor, Dymanic Centre, Zone - I MP Nagar, Bhopal
    Phone: 91-755-284731

  • Mahavir Consultants
    No-242, Zone - I MP Nagar, Bhopal - 462011
    Phone: 91-755-591339

  • Midland Property
    N-72, Zone - II MP Nagar, Bhopal - 462011
    Phone: 91-755-765268

  • Milan Property Consultants
    Plot No-2, C Sector Indrapuri, Bhopal - 462023
    Phone: 91-755-588681

  • S Consultancy
    E-2, Near Habibganj Railway Station, Deen Dayal Parisar Arera Colony, Bhopal - 462016
    Phone: 91-755-723433

    Last Updated on 07/31/2013