Media in Bhopal

Media in Bhopal plays the role of a communicator which efficiently provides vital updates regarding various current affairs of the place to the local citizens. The term Media connotes a wide range of mediums the basic aim of all of which is to present fair and fast news item to the public. The media industry in Bhopal is known for its up to the mark news items.

The print media of Bhopal comprises of two main newspapers - Central Chronicle and Nava Bharat - that have made a distinct identity of their own over the years. Both being the two leading newspapers of Bhopal are consistently engaged in searching the most authentic issues and making a pragmatic article on the same.

Central Chronicle is one of the best known daily newspapers of Bhopal. Covering a wide array of news items that ranges from local political issues to to national sports events, Central Chronicle also include international stories in its pages. Having a considerable circulation rate and an ever-increasing readership, Central Chronicle is a must in every household of Bhopal.

Nava Bharat is another popular newspaper which is considered as an excellent product of the media industry of Bhopal. The pages of Nava Bharat generally include news stories on a variety of subjects. While the lead of Nava Bharat contains mainly the current happenings in Bhopal, the inside pages consists news items on various national and global issues that are quite significant in general.

With the two leading newspapers and other streams of informative interaction, Media in Bhopal stands as a symbol of democratic communication.

Central Chronicle

Considered as a leading English daily of Bhopal, Central Chronicle presents a fine combination of both local and international issues. Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh is a happening place of India. Enriched with historic heritage and natural pleasure, Bhopal claims a distinct place in the country. From political to social, each and every domain of Bhopal is active and provides scope for ample news items.

Central Chronicle of Bhopal is always in search of such news stories that have relevance in the lives of the common man. Be it a local election or sports meet, Central Chronicle never misses to print such news items in its pages. As the capital of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal hosts several important events that take place in the city frequently. Central Chronicle keeps a close watch on the political happenings and publish the most recent issues on a regular basis.

The industrial sector of Bhopal is a prominent economic zone of the place which contributes significantly towards the overall growth. Be it the establishment of new industrial outlet or be it the closing down of a sick unit, Central Chronicle presents a detailed update on every industrial affair of Bhopal.

The social arena of Bhopal is known for its cultural diversity. People belonging to various religions and faiths are living in Bhopal from a very long time. During major festivals, people of Bhopal celebrate the occasion with full enthusiasm. Central Chronicle newspaper of Bhopal records these social events and presents the respective news along with colorful pictures. Also, in case of any social disturbances or crimes, Central Chronicle publish the same with sufficient fairness.

A brilliant symbol of media in Bhopal, Central Chronicle truly comes with a just news insight.

Nava Bharata

Bhopal, one of the most important cities of the Hindi heartland of India, is centre of high cultural and scholastic activities. The capital city of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal is home to many reputed and popular news papers, published in Hindi and English. Nava Bharata is the most widely circulated Hindi newspaper in and around the city. Owned by Madhya Pradesh Papers Ltd, this news paper is considered as the most trusted medium of information and updates by Hindi readers. The news paper is published in Broadsheet format like other popular news papers in India. The news paper is in high demand in all the cities of states like Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Maharashtra.

Bhopal, the city of high importance and with various attractions, duly requires a newspaper that covers all the events, happenings and activities of the city with accurate details. And this is the job that is well done by this Hindi Newspaper. Though Bhopal, being a modern city, does have a large number of English literate people living here, Hindi is its native language and residents love to read Hindi paper more than English ones. This is the reason why Bhopal publishes more than one Hindi news paper from its limits.

Nava Bharata provides authentic news about every field including politics, sports, education, culture, travel, business and more. In addition, it has regular sections for arts, entertainment, brain activities, lifestyle and more. The news paper is the excellent medium for advertising for the local and state traders to promote their merchandise. The matrimonial classified of the news paper are well received as many alliance seekers believe on the reputation of the newspaper.

Now Nava Bharata is quite well known Hindi newspaper in Bhopal also because it is published there. It is favorite of Hindi readers because of the useful information shared keeping in mind all sections and age of society. Nava Bharata is regarded as oldest and top ranked newspaper in Hindi in the entire Madhya Pradesh. Late Shri. Ramgopal Maheshwariji who was a professional journalist and the freedom fighter, founded Nava Bharata in Nagpur in 1937. It was later that the Nav Bharat group was divided in 2 parts namely Nav Bharat(Madhya Pradesh & Chattisgarh) and Nav Bharat(Maharashtra).

It cannot be denied that Navbharata is the best Hindi newspaper from the many newspapers in existence because of proper format and effective use of language. The articles and topics published are currently a factual rather than fiction. It is the largest selling and most readable newspaper published from Bhopal with 44.8 lakhs loyal readers. The newspaper is also published across many cities apart from Chattisgarh and MP like in Nasik, Pune, Mumbai, Maharashtra and a few more.

A special Bhopal edition is published while remaining 5 editions are circulated in Jabalpur, Chhindwara, Gwalior, Indore and Satna. The Nav Bharat also publishes a one English newspaper which is published in Jabalpur called the "The Chronicle". Navbharata is the largest selling newspaper in Bhopal and its outskirts. Nava Bharata delivers news written in very sophisticated Hindi that could be understood by all the literate people. Moreover, there are sections in the news paper that are developed to arouse interest of people who are more of scholastic thoughts.

The standard of Nava Bharata is highly appreciable as the quality of write ups they maintain shows their skills and efforts. The paper is popular among Hindi readers because of the effective editing they perform. If you want to improve your Hindi and be updated with all latest affairs in politics to education, sports then Nava Bharata is the reliable print media resource for you.

Last Updated on 07/31/2013