Bhopal Population

According to the 2001 census the total Bhopal population is about 1836784. Out of which there are about 968964 males and 867820 females. Since it is one of the most important industrial centers of India so the density of population here is quite high. The population-density of Bhopal is about 663 people per square kilometers.

The total population of the state of Madhya Pradesh , of which Bhopal is the capital city, is about 60.39 million people. Out of this the urban population of the state is 26. 67 %. The population density of the state is almost 196 per square kilometers. The sex ratio is about 920 females per thousand males.

The literacy rate in the state of Madhya Pradesh is about 64.11%. While the male literacy rate is around 76.80%, the rate of female literacy in the state is 50.28%.

Since Bhopal is primarily an industrial city so there is a large section of the population who work in the different industrial hubs here. Before the disastrous gas tragedy that took place in the year 1984 almost 80% of the total population of Bhopal was engaged in the different sectors in the industrial areas of this place. Of them most were working as low wage labors.

A large section of the population of Bhopal city is also well educated and is involved in various high profile industrial activities.

Majority of the Bhopal population are Hindus by religious belief. There are also many people following the Islamic faith in this city. Some pockets of the city are also characterized with Christians, Jain, Sikh and Buddhist populations.

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Last Updated on 23 July 2012