Rajiv Gandhi Technical University, Bhopal

Rajiv Gandhi Technical University was established by the Government of the state of Madhya Pradesh under the Act No. 13 of the year 1998. The university was established in order to restore the condition of technical education in this Indian state. This university is also responsible for taking care of the quality of research, development and teaching in the various technical training institutes of the state.

There are about fifty-five Engineering colleges affiliated to the Rajiv Gandhi Technical University of Bhopal. Almost 13500 students enroll in these colleges every year. There are about fifty-eight polytechnics under this university as well. They admit a total number of about 8500 students per academic session.

The RGTU of Bhopal is planning to promote research and study of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Energy and Environmental Management, Bio- technology and Information Sciences and Technology in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The university is also setting up a department solely for learning and research in Entrepreneurship and Management Development. This step is being planned to encourage more and more entrepreneurs to invest in the state. The university is also planning to set up a center for excellence in the field of Information Technology for the technological development of the state.

Rajiv Gandhi Technical University is counted among the best Bhopal Universities and Research Centers. It is dedicated to the development of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh in the field of research and learning of the various streams of engineering and technology.

Last Updated on : March 30, 2016