Major Industries in Bhopal

The city of Bhopal and its surrounding area is considered to be one of the most important industrial regions of the country of India. There are some of the most important industrial hubs of the country located in this region. The major industries in Bhopal are engaged in producing cotton textile, jute and electrical products. Power generation is also very important to this city.

One of the most important industries of Bhopal is the Anant Spinning Mills. Located in the New Industrial Area of Bhopal the industry is engaged in producing Yarns, Acrylic fiber, sewing threads, etc. This is a unit of the Vardhaman Group. This group is presently the largest exporter of cotton in India.

Apart from the Anant Spinning Mills there are many other companies engaged in the producing cotton textiles here. The New Bhopal Textile Mills is one among them.

The industry related to the production of electrical goods in Bhopal is ruled by the Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited. BHEL, Bhopal is engaged mainly in producing industrial machines. The other important functions of this company are generation and transmission of power. They also produce transportation equipments, hydro turbines, hydro generators and heat exchangers. They also produce power transmission products like transformers, switchgears and large current rectifiers. The Bhopal Switchgears Private Limited is among the other important suppliers of electrical goods in the city of Bhopal.

The other important industries in Bhopal are related to the manufacturing of jute and steel products.

Recently the tourism industry is also being counted among the major industries in Bhopal.

Last Updated on 23 July 2012