Festivals and Events in Bhopal

People of all age groups and backgrounds participate enthusiastically in the various Festivals and Events in Bhopal. There are many religious festivals that the people of Bhopal participate in. Apart from these, a large number of festivals without any religious background are also celebrated here.

Many fairs and festivals of Madhya Pradesh are intrinsically related to agriculture and harvest. These festivals are celebrated in Bhopal as well. Some of them have taken some religious turn and are observed with more pomp and fun.

Diwali, Ramnavami, Dussehra and Navratri are celebrated with much enthusiasm by the Hindu population of the city. They celebrate these festivals with crackers, sweets, flowers, etc. This is the time for social interaction and so many fairs are also organized on such occasions. Many cultural programs are arranged in the evenings where you will get to see some of the best performances of the regional genres of dance and music. On the occasion of Dussehra some wonderful Ram Lila, the traditional form of enacting some episodes from the Ramayana, can also be seen.

There are also many religious festivals celebrated by the Muslim population of Bhopal. Some gorgeous fairs are even arranged on such occasions.

One of the major events in Bhopal is the Ijtima. Every year Alami Tablighi Ijtima is celebrated for three days in the city of Bhopal.

All the people in Bhopal enjoy the fair that is organized during the Ijtima with much fun and frolic.


The three-day religious congregation of Ijtima is considered among the most important festivals and events celebrated in Bhopal. This event is held every year and is accompanied by a gorgeous fair. Previously it was celebrated in the premises of the Taj- ul- Masjid but very recently the venue of this congregation has been shifted to Ghasipura, a place near the city of Bhopal.

Muslim pilgrims from various corners of India gather in Bhopal on this occasion. This event of Bhopal is probably the second largest gathering of the Muslim community in the world that does not have any political affiliation. However, Hajj is the biggest one.

During these three days a gorgeous fair is also held near the venue. The local people participate in it with much exuberance. It is said that in the earlier days, during the colonial rule in India, the fair that accompanied Ijtima of Bhopal was popular among the locals because of the clothes that were sold there. The foreign delegates used to bring many clothes along with them and sell them here at very low prices. After the advent of the media and increasing availability of good quality clothing materials in India the hype that surrounded the trade of the discarded clothes of the foreigners gradually disappeared.

Ijtima held in Bhopal is considered to be one of the largest religious congregations in the world. It carries some of the greatest spiritual messages, not only for the Muslims but also for the non- Muslims around the world.

Last Updated on 07/31/2013



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