Chhattisgarh at a Glance

India's pride, the state of Chhattisgarh was carved out of Madhya Pradesh on 1st November 2000. The epicenter of India's industrial enterprises is rich in future prospects. It is indeed advisable for tourists, researchers and scholars to go through the profile of Chhattisgarh at a glance.

The mineral rich state encompasses an area of 1,35,000 sq. km. Chhattisgarh spans between the latitudinal expanse of 17?46' North to 24?05'North on one hand to the longitudinal meridian of 80?15' East to 84?20' East on the other. The state is covered by dense forests and is a repository of minerals and a storehouse of power. Chhattisgarh's claim to fame lies in the fact that the state has the largest deposits of the rare and dazzling diamonds.

As a consequence, large cement, aluminum and iron and steel plants have mushroomed in all parts of the state. The state is also the center of academic excellence and the brilliant minds of the state gain admission in the various distinguished colleges and universities in the country without fail.

The state's capital Raipur houses an excellent airport endowed with all modern infrastructures. Another eminent city, Bhilai is noted for its urban lifestyle, steel plants and academic institutes. The Bilaspur Railway Division accounts for over 17% of the country's revenue and is responsible for the excellent rail connectivity of the state.

The state that is aptly nicknamed the "rice bowl" of India has a population of 20,795,956 as per the 2001 census. The populace however mainly comprises of tribals.

Last Updated on: 10/6/2013