Raipur - Capital City of Chhattisgarh

Comprising of two Lok Sabha constituencies, 13 Vidhan Sabha constituencies, 15 revenue blocks and 13 tehsils, Raipur, the Chhattisgarh Capital City has a total population of 30, 16, 930 (2001 census). The city shares its geographical contours with Orissa, Bilaspur, Raigarh and Bastar. Raipur possesses a total of about 58 industrial units within its premises.

Since the city is surrounded by the perennial river of Mahanadi, hence the agricultural lands of the city are quite fertile and boasts of commendable production every year. The major crops of Raipur are pulses, wheat, paddy, udad, peas and lakh-tiwara, among others. Soyabeen, alsi and groundnut are some of the prime oilseeds that are grown in Raipur. Animal husbandry is another major economic activity of Raipur which includes poultry farming and livestock. Also, rich reserve of Lime is found in abundance in Raipur city of Chhattisgarh.

In the education front, capital city of Chhattisgarh possesses 2859 numbers of primary schools, 142 higher secondary schools, 19 colleges, 23 technical institutes and 61 adult education centers. The infrastructure of Raipur comprises of 19 railway heads, one airport and properly built highways that collectively connect the place with other states of India.

Providing continuous power supply to 2033 number of villages, the electricity department of Raipur is proceeding towards more developed phases of electrification projects.

The common language which is spoken by all the local people of Raipur is Chhattisgarhi. Surti, teeja, gouri-goura, pola and hareli are the biggest festivals of Raipur all of which are associated with a distinct past.

As a tourist spot, Raipur - capital of Chhattisgarh - flaunts quite a number of attractive destinations like that of rajnandgaon, durg, jagadalpur, jabalpur, bhilai, bhopal and bilaspur.

Undoubtedly, Chhattisgarh Capital City presents a splendid manifestation of traditional beauty, industrial advancement and contemporary progress, all under one common canopy of Raipur.

Last Updated on: 10/6/2013