Christmas Food in Goa

Goa is the land of festivities and the reflection of the celebrations of Christmas with Goa food is very strong. With a dominant Christian community, Christmas in Goa is a primary festival when the people of the region enjoy the season in their own special and unique way. There is also a distinct Christmas cuisine in Goa which is made specially for the Christmas festivities. The zest of Christmas in Goa is reflected through the sweet puddings and elaborate meat and fish dishes. This is also a perfect time for the tourists to try out the delicious Christmas cuisine in Goa.

For all the foodies there are a number of interesting items in the special Christmas cuisine in Goa. Goa food for Christmas is most apparent and all the bakeries and hotels in the region are full with both locals and tourists. There are a number of special dishes that reflect the zest of Christmas in Goa food, these include:

  • Sorpatel: This is one of the most traditional Goan curry and an integral part of Christmas cuisine in Goa. Made with pork meat and liver this dish perfectly reflects the spiciness of Christmas in Goa food.

  • Pork Vindaloo: This is a part of the main course of Christmas cuisine in Goa. Tangy in tasty, this dish is best relished with plain boiled or jeera rice.

  • Bebinca: Reflecting the sweetness of Christmas in Goa food, Bebinca is a Goan desert. The preparation of this dish is very time consuming but the final product is awesomely tasty.

    Besides these the other dishes in Christmas cuisine include:
    • Chocolate Walnut Fudge
    • Prawn Balchao
    • Chicken Cafreal
    • Prawn Ambot Tik
    • Fish Xacuti

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    Last Updated on : December 10, 2013