Rose Garden

The Rose Garden is located at Chanakya Puri in Delhi. The Rose Garden can be defined as a boutique of some of the most unique species of roses that are not only from India but from different parts of the globe as well.

If flowers are what you like then the Rose Garden of Delhi is sure to mesmerize you with its exotic beauty and smell. Rose Garden is a good choice for an evening or morning walk because the air around it is full of the intoxicating fragrance of the colorful roses.

Rose Garden is also important from the view of botanical study. If you are a student of Botany or like to gather knowledge on flowers or plants, Rose garden at Delhi is one place that is sure to interest you. You can gather knowledge on rose plants, its different types and species etc.

A place that is loved by all be it children or adults the very atmosphere in this garden in enthralling. Special mention should be made of the Delhi Government that has managed to preserve and maintain this beautiful garden. There are care takers all over the garden just to prevent the citizens from plucking out the roses.

Last Updated on : 11 March 2011

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