Shalimar Garden in Delhi

Shalimar Garden is located near the northern ridge behind Delhi University. It is only 10 kilometers away from Old Delhi. As per historians, Shalimar Garden is the place where Aurangzeb crowned himself as the Mughal emperor in 1658. It is also said that Shalimar Garden was earlier known as "Aizzabad-Bagh", it was named so after Shah Jahan's wife named Aizzu'n-Nisa Begum.

If you want to go to Shalimar Garden, the best way would be to walk towards north from Hansraj College. You will land up at a village named Badli Sarai. From there you can take up the road to the village that houses Shalimar Garden.

Shalimar Garden in Delhi still holds up many buildings of Mughal era but most of them have lost their architectural glitter. But the remains of the historical monuments and buildings there still speak up the story of the unforgettable glory.

The Sheesh Mahal and the central pavilion built during Shah Jahan's reign in Shalimar Garden have almost decayed, though you can check out some half-faded floral decoration and naqqashi work at Shalimar Garden in Delhi.

The present beauty of Shalimar Garden is due to the reconstruction and re-designing in the year 2006. It has been re-made with imported grass and crystal clear water bodies. The best time to visit this garden would be the spring season when you can actually enjoy the nature's charm. You can reach Shalimar Garden by taking up an auto rickshaw, taxi or Metro till university.

Last Updated on : 11 March 2011

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